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Millions of Americans today can’t afford their prescription medications.  At Canadian Med Service, we believe that improving your physical health should not ruin your financial health.  We are dedicated to providing you high quality, safe brand and generic medications through reputable Canadian pharmacies. These are the same high-quality medications that you are used to buying, but at a fraction of the cost.

Canadian Med Services believes access to essential prescription drugs should be safe, convenient, and affordable.  Our staff will make sure the prescription drugs that you order through us are the products your physician has ordered by reviewing the prescription you have from your doctor. We are also available to answer any questions to ensure that you are empowered and knowledgeable about how your discount prescription drugs are ordered for and delivered to you.

The soaring cost of prescription medications is a national dilemma that has caused many to choose between taking medications or buying groceries.

Hi Vicki ... Just wanted to let you know that I've been on the new meds for a week, and so far so good! I'm so relieved to be able to get these meds at a reasonable cost and be confident in them. I don't know how much of the stuff we hear about "junk" drugs from outside the country is propaganda to scare us and how much is real, but it sure can shake one's confidence!

I appreciate having folks like you to find good sources, understand my concerns, and work with me. Keep up the good work!
— Satisfied Customer